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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Q. What is Photo Clipping?
Ans: Photo Clipping is a name of image processing service to alter unwanted background from image using Photoshop pen tool. It is the best way to alter background from images having great smoothness and quality.
Q. What Organization is CEBD (Clipping Expert Bangladesh)?
Ans: CEBD (Clipping Expert Bangladesh) is an offshore graphic design studio. We provide Photo clipping path, multipath, image masking, photo manipulation, shadow making, retouching services in a very decent price.
Q. Is there any limit to the file size?
Ans: No, there are no limit in upload and download. You don’t need to pay attention to file/folder size. We recommend to upload large volume of images by batch so that our service team can process them faster.
Q. Which format format should I choose?
Ans: You can upload any type of image files in our server, they can be PSD, JPEG,TIF, PNG, CR2 etc. Also possible to upload GIF, BMP formats. Please note that few file format does not support transparent background so make sure you choose the right file format in the required file format checkbox.
Q. How long it may take to edit my photos?
Ans: Our standard file processing time if 24 hours. If you want a very rush service in ( 6 hours ), please mention if on the order form.
Q. Can you give priority to my pictures or give an express service?
Ans: Clipping Expert Bangladesh always provide rush service for emergency. Please mention that in the order form when you need the completed image back. Our support team will give the order more priority.
Q. How is determined the complexity?
Ans: It is measured from the number of anchor points is needed in the image. Please take a look at our Pricing to get detail information.
Q. Do not agree with the budget and complexity?
Ans: Clipping Expert Bangladesh (CEBD) tries to minimize the price as much as possible. If you do not agree with price provided by our representative you can always tell us your budget so that we can decent price for the work you need.
Q. Not satisfied with the result. Rejection of the image?
Ans: If you are not satisfied with the work, You can always send back the work. We will redo the work you following your instructions.
Q. Is there any discount for a big amount of image editing?
Ans: Yes we do have bulk discount. Let us know the amount of your image in quotation and ask for the bulk discount. Our service representatives will be contacting you with discount offer.
Q. What additional services you offer?
Ans: We offer few more services like website image optimization, catalog design, Web development and Ads services, Please let us know if you need these service along with image editing.
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